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 reminiss [sp?]

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reminiss [sp?] Empty
PostSubject: reminiss [sp?]   reminiss [sp?] EmptyMon Sep 10, 2007 11:16 pm

lol i have 3 times i wanna share, and they all include EXPIRED FOOD/drinks the first time my brother was making a pizza so he got the tomato sause and the cheese and the tortilla [[yes we used tortillas]] and put it in the microwave. when it was done you know i ate it then later on in the day i was thinking about how i've always seen that tomato sauce in the fridge so i looked in the container and there was mold all over it i didn't get sick though tongue
the second time i was looking through our cabinets and i found a box of truffles and i asked my bro if he thinks they're expired and he said that he didn't think that chocolate expired. so i took one and stuck it in my mouth and guess what, it was DISGUSTING! THEN my bro looks at the bottom for an experation date and it was a year old...[[lol it's still in our cabinet]]
the third time i was out with my friends and one of their mom's offered us a drink so i got mountain dew, denielle [[the daughter of the one that offered us the drink]] got dr.pepper, and karissa got diet coke. i looked at my mountain dew and the experation date said 04/21/07 and i'm like "hahaha my soda's expired!" they started laughing and i was like "i'm totally waffle*" then they're like "waffle?" and went to look at the experation date and laughed some more. they looked at theirs and denielles was like a month older than mine and karissa's was perfectly fine lol. we drank it anyway it seemed to make us more hyper lol!

yeah so share you stories with us

*waffle-adjective [slang]1. meaning serious
example: "dude are you waffle?", or awesome
example: "That ride was so WAFFLE!"
3.noun, something you eat
example: i had a waffle for breakfast
origion of word- long story i'm to lazy to type it all
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reminiss [sp?]
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